About Us

National Skipping Day is all about having fun and getting fit. The health benefits of skipping are incredible and many children have unfortunately lost this skill to skip. We offer schools and clubs the chance to bring skipping back in to your PE lessons, classes and break-times by providing fully qualified skipping coaches.

Our coaches are available all year round and not just for National Skipping Day therefore we can put you in touch with a coach near you who will teach you and the children a variety of skipping skills and encourage children to engage in this energetic and hugely fun sport on a longer term basis.

Once your school and children have taken part in National Skipping Day we will provide you with certificates to congratulate you on being part of this fantastic day and if you post your photos on FaceBook we will give a prize to the winner of best photo.

National Skipping Day is the brainchild of Skipping Workshops, a dedicated company that brings skipping in to your schools, and Nortech skipping ropes the main supplier of the official National Skipping Day jump rope.

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